Hopes and Dreams aim to help children build the foundations for a lifetime of creative learning. Our approach is built around basic and important principles:

That each child is unique and that every effort should be made to help children develop to their full potential. That the early years from birth to six are vital and that children need every opportunity to strengthen positive attitudes towards themselves, others and learning during these years. That from a solid foundation they grow to be confident and competent learners for life. Using the methods of teaching developed by Maria Montessori, our aim is to provide purposeful and stimulating early childhood activities, which enhance each child’s growth and development. We believe that the early years are the most important time for exploration and discovery; that children need to create, play, make friends and learn whilst having fun.

Hopes and Dreams offers each child an atmosphere of warmth, understanding and a place to develop, both as an individual and as part of a group.

We provide a happy caring and educational environment where each child is treated as a unique individual. We offer equal attention and care for all children without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin or necessary. The early years of a child’s life from birth to five years are the most formative ones in their entire development. We offer programs that encourage high self esteem and positive feelings of self worth programs are planned to meet the individual needs of the child and provide encouragement to develop at their own pace. Every child learns about right and wrong, justice and fair play, regard for the rights and feelings of others through Montessori and traditional methods and prepare children for school entry at 5 years of age.


Hopes & Dreams, Montessori School and Day Nursery Telephone: 071-9144085 Cartron Heights & Cartron Village, Sligo.
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